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Our Fees

Generally, our fees are very competitive. If you have in the past instructed us to complete legal work on your behalf you will be aware that the fees we charge are both fair and reasonable.

Unlike many larger firms, we do not charge you for every phone call or email. All fees we charge are based on criteria approved by the New Zealand Law Society. Such criteria include the time spent on the project, skill and knowledge required, importance, urgency, results achieved, value of property involved, risk and complexity.

We often get asked however to quote for certain work. We do not have a fixed fee structure as each transaction has its own set of peculiarities. While most matters are quite straight forward, sometimes unforeseen issues may arise. For instance, a separation or property agreement might involve lengthy negotiations or a LIM or building report in a conveyancing matter may reveal something out of the ordinary. It is our practice to alert you to any likely cost over-run and discuss with you how to manage that so as to achieve the best possible outcome.

If requested we will provide an estimate of the expected fee for a particular matter and we will do our very best to work within that estimate.

In addition to our legal fee, our final statement to you may include additional costs such as disbursements incurred by us on your behalf (i.e. payments to third parties). These are charged at the actual cost or our best estimate of the actual cost and will depend on the matter undertaken. There is also a small bureau/office service fee which relates to photocopying, facsimile charges, forms and postage; and in conveyancing matters there is a small fee payable for setting up and managing the Land Information New Zealand (LINZ) computer based dealing for the registration of land title documents.

To help you budget, we can if you request, issue interim accounts, usually monthly, while work is in progress, with a final bill on completion. Alternatively, we will accept payment from you over time and by way of instalments at an amount manageable by you. 

Please feel welcome to email us or give us a phone call to discuss fees for any particular work.

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